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Did you know that we have about 3000 chemicals in our homes of which 800 are toxic? Are you looking for natural alternatives to our chemically dense liver? Then maybe essential oils are for you. There are oils for almost everything and I have experienced so many benefits with these magical drops.

What is essential oils? 

It is volatile oils extracted from the plant kingdom. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic properties. Genuine essential oils are very concentrated and only a small amount is required to achieve results. Read more about the properties of the oils under “Favorites”.

We use oils from Young Living whose oils are outstanding when it comes to quality and purity. On this page you will be able to read about my favorite oils, get tips on blends for the fragrance diffuser and get a lot of good recipes for rollers and other products that you easily manufacture with the oils. The recipes are also available in print format so you can print them and create your own book with your favorites. In addition, there are labels for all the recipes that you can print and paste on your bottles and jars so you remember what is in them.
Good, is not it!

If you have not previously come into contact with the oils, you can read about the starter kit, which is the absolute best way to get to know the oils. There are also instructions on how to easily order a starter kit.

If you have any questions about the oils, kits, recipes or anything else please contact me and I will help you.

With love

Keep your eyes open for recepies!