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Create a life on your terms

Do you want complete control over your time and your life? Do you want it to feel exciting and fun to go to work every day? Do you no longer have to worry about how to pay the bills or do you dream of buying a bigger house or traveling more?

Young Living offers so much more than a healthy lifestyle and top quality products. As a distributor, you get to take part in Young Living’s generous compensation plan and take control of your future. You can build a business that will change your life forever. You work in a team of employees of your choice and are part of a great community and a lifestyle based on well-being. While working your way with something you love. With drive and passion, the dream of security and independence can come true.

You always have a ball board and a team that supports and engages while Young Living gives you the best conditions to succeed.


There are as many people as there are reasons why you choose to become a distributor.

Some love the oils and products and can’t help but share them. Others are actively looking for a side income or a new direction in life and fall in love with the products later. Some just want their own use of oil. Others want to become independent. Nothing is more right or wrong. Many people choose to work with this in parallel with another job and build up their organization, then leave their full-time job and devote more to their dreams and to lead their team.

My reason for becoming a distributor was a mix of several things. When I heard about the opportunity, I was a little attracted but did not feel that I had time. But then I got a chance to look a little into the business groups that our team has I immediately felt that I wanted to be part of this community. It is so embarrassing and supportive of the team and when we came to a time when we needed a side income there were no options for me. So I jumped on. And I have never regretted it! In addition to the community of new friends for life, money and all the benefits I received through Young Living, it has meant for me a personal development I had never expected. Becoming a distributor for Young Living is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!


By guiding others to a plant-based and chemical-based lifestyle so that they choose to invest in a healthier life. As more people discover the “oily world” our income grows.

Unlike starting your own business, the only thing you really need to do is become a member and buy a startup kit. You do not need any effort, no warehouse or business premises. Your only cost is the products you buy for yourself. You make an investment in your well-being and get to know the products in that way. What you get back is so much more.

You get a 24% discount on everything you shop.

You get $ 50 dollars for each new member you recruit with a startup kit.

You get up to 25% commission on what your organization is doing plus extra bonuses.

You get bonuses when you and your team reach a new rank.

You can earn paid trips around the world.

In addition, you get all the support and education as well as all the materials needed to succeed. 

Best of all, you are not allowed to exchange money for time like a regular job. You get paid on the basis of your work and build a passive income that you can also testify to someone close to you. In other words, you not only create security for yourself but also for your loved ones.

How much do I earn then?

How much you earn depends entirely on how much you want to work. But the fact is that we have one of the best compensation plans in the industry. You don’t have to be a salesperson to succeed. On the contrary, some of our highest-paid distributors are introverted personalities without large networks. You choose entirely how you want to share the products you use and love yourself. Whether it is through personal meetings, online or at trade shows doesn’t matter. The freedom of this job is one of the great benefits. But the more you share and help others share, the higher your income. Below you can see the average income for the different levels in Young Living. What is your goal?

Are you ready to invest in your and your familys health? 
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